Saturday, June 30, 2007


lately Owen has been really enjoying sitting infront of his 2 level toy cart. He pulls out whatever he want to play with. He eventually ends up on his belly, crawling around. Often, I pump while he sits and plays. This usually means I sit at the computer, which is beside him, only there is a faceplace matel distance between us. If, for whatever reason, I slightly laugh or giggle, I'll notice Owen has turned to me, a huge smile, and he'll 'guffaw' or giggle or breathe out in the way one does when something is funny. I usually laugh at him about this, and he again giggles too. It is so incredibly cute.

He's mobile- he's a crawler. He isn't very fast yet, but he gets places, often which much grunting and yelps and noises that make me know he's working very hard.

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Melanie said...

oh man, to see you and your family again will be amazing! i'm looking forward to the reunion...and thinking about it constantly.