Sunday, June 24, 2007


We arrived back to our little apartment this past Thursday after travelling around the western coast of Newfoundland with my parents for the past week. It was a fantastic time filled with beautiful mountians, rocky coastline, buggy woods, hikes, car rides, ferry boat rides and little sleep. My parents are exhuberant travellers, wanting to see all there is to see, so we did. As you can tell by the photos, this province they call "the rock" gets it name quite appropriately. And it is true what people say - they really do have their own dialect there!

Owen did quite well on this vacation. He was a fantastic car traveller, and great hiker, but he really struggled when it came to night time sleeping. He was hard to get down at night, and he had some wakeful sleeps. His naps weren't ever long enough, either, as he'd usually be woken from a nap rather than waking on his own.

We have so many photos, it is hard to know which ones to post! And the scenery was so beautiful and drastically different in areas that I want to show it all, but I will refrain.

It was really great to spend time with my parents. They stayed an extra after we arrived back in St Stephen, and we had a delicious lobster supper (ate 2 4lb lobsters!!), topped it with ice cream and played Sequence to finish it all off. A lovely visit, filled with more goodness than I thought possible.

This entry certainly doesn't do the trip justice, as there are so many parts unmentioned. But it will have to suffice. Ask about it sometime.

Now that we're back home, we've settled in again and things are nearly cleaned up and in order. Vacationing is fun, but part of its goodness is returning home again.

Here's Owen - happy to be back in his Jolly Jumper.

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Anonymous said...


i just wanted to say two things:
a) i love love love it when you write in this blog
b) that picture of you and owen -- the one where your mouth is wide open -- right above the one with ry and him, owen looks so much like lily! do you see it?