Sunday, November 15, 2009

aleida marian

she's here! and by 'here' i mean outside my belly! I am grateful. And she is perfectly amazing. she is super relaxed and calm. She gnaws on her hands when she's hungry rather than immediately crying. So, she hasn't cried since being home. And in the hospital, she cried when a nurse with cold hands picked her up, or she didn't like being poked - all very good reasons to wail. She spends a lot of time sleeping (in her bassinet or in someone's arms). She does open her eyes and look around. She has spent some amounts of time totally content and awake. But usually she's sleeping. Except in the wee hours of the morning. Last night she really was not content being alone in her bassinet, and she really wanted to eat all night! I was glad that she wanted to eat, but certainly I did not love having to be awake for it. I was tired. I am curious about how she'll be tonight. Perhaps 3-6 am is her choice wakeful time right now.

Well that is probably a whole lot of random information. I am pretty tired but I did want to put out a little information about our sweet little girl!

Oh! We can't forget to say that Owen is awesome with her! He is very intrigued by her and he is super gentle and sweet with her. He'll walk over to her little chair, or where ever she is, and talk to her is a soft high voice (the way most people address babies). He likes kissing her on the forehead.

Some details: arrived at 9:53 pm on Fri, November 13. She weighed in at 8 lb 8 oz, and measured 21" long.

And now some more pics.

*a couple days before she was delivered.

This is before she was cleaned up, and right after the drops in her eyes (which explains their glossiness).


a monkey the lady and me said...

we are sooooo happy for you all!!!!
i was getting teary looking at the pictures. they are beautiful. she is beautiful! you are beautiful marcia.
enjoy this time. it goes soo fast!
all our love
andy rachael tegan leyna and lincoln

roger flyer said...

She is beautiful!I saw her in person!

(stephanie adams) said...

She looks perfect, and you all look amazing! Congratulations again, love. I'm thinking about you lots and lots*

tracy van gilst said...

congratulations marci, ry, and owen! beautiful photos! it is so exciting and wonderful! welcome to the world, aleida. all the best.