Tuesday, November 10, 2009

today's agenda

Well, Ry works all day today. I want to make sure Owen and I stay busy to thus keep my anxious self amused.

It's a beautiful day today - or at least it looks really nice. It could be super cold for all I know, but at least it is bright and sunny out there.

As soon as my load of laundry is done, I think Owen and I are going to walk to the park. We haven't been to the park in a little while and I think it will be good for both of us to be out in the fresh, sunny air. Then I want to make granola. That's all the activity that I can come up with until it's time to make supper.

Any ideas on what a very pregnant lady with a three year old should do to pass the time?


So we walked to the park and had a really wonderful time. It was super warm out- no mits, toques or scarves were needed!

I didn't make granola after all, but I enjoyed a quiet afternoon of relaxing, and I got some cleaning done. It is really nice to be able to stay on top of household duties right now as I feel like that is not something I will be able to do very well once the baby arrives!

Here are some pics of our time outside.

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