Thursday, November 12, 2009

dancing and zerberts?

well last night we thought we were close to having this baby. i've been having contractions on an off, and they're all getting stronger (to put this in a time frame: i've been having this for about 2+ weeks). Because a contraction is not a new thing, I try not to think anything of it. Last night though, for about 3 hours, I was having regular 1 min uncomfortable contractions every five minutes. Since they weren't progressing, we thought we'd see if we could sleep. And alas, we did sleep and there is still no baby. And so -- we wait. And I don't know if I should start counting contractions until they're unbearable. She will come out, I know that. I guess I'll just be overly hopeful while we wait.

Owen and I danced around to fun music this morning - partly because it's fun, and also because I thought it was just one more thing I could do to encourage this baby to come out. It was enjoyable, and felt good to move. Then, after Owen inquired about why she wasn't coming out yet, I told him to talk to her about this. And to give her some zerberts - that would surely encourage her to come out. He thought this was a good and very funny idea. He does love giving zerberts. And really, can one blame him?

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