Tuesday, October 03, 2006


That's what these days need to contain for me to feel okay. I want to get things done. This has been good for my sanity, as well as for the nearing arrival of the new babe. Things we've been putting off are getting done due to me being at home all the time, and me needing to keep my hands busy. This past weekend was great, though, as Ry was sick we both chilled out together and I got a lot of rest. It's back to being busy again, though. I've begun the needed drapes for the dining room window. There is much cold air coming in already and I think it will just warm the place to have coverings up. Not to mention our neighbour who has to walk by the window, and whose door is directly beside the window: I think she feels uncomfortable going into her place when we're in the dining room as she has full view. We organized our only storage place in our apartment, too. We had to buy more shelves and now we are able to fit and organize everything better. Previously it was organized with piles ontop of the organized items. Not so helpful. Today I had planned on cooking meals for the freezer and completing the drapes, but an unexpected power outage (due to an elderly woman running her car into our power and phone lines pole - she's fine) made none of my projects complete-able. Oh well. There's always tomorrow. I guess this gives me reason to hope the baby doesn't come tonight; it gives me reason to calm myself down and to stop wishing wishing wishing the baby would just come already.

We had a delicious supper with our friend Milal. She's here at SSU from Korea, auditing the first year, as a method of learning English. She's super sweet and fiesty. We have great conversation and tonight, thanks to her, we had great food! Mm, delicious. She was kind enough to respect the 'no onion' thing too, even though she thought the food certainly needed it (as all onion people do, I guess).

As a distraction or a way of settling ourselves, we decided to give the television show "Lost" a chance. There's people here who love it and the parts of it we've seen, we've thought it cheesy. But anyway, we have the first season from someone at school and we're giving it a chance. We aren't sold on it yet; we only have the final episode to watch. It certainly is cheesy and the music terrible, but there are some good plot-lines in it. Definitely not all people have said it is. But now we're going to watch the last episode. Will this one change our minds? We'll see.

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Kira said...

Someday Ry will have to get over this onion thing!!! I used to be just like that, and now I will accept them cooked in just about any fashion, just not raw. Tell him onions do not like to be discriminated against!