Friday, October 06, 2006

breathe deeply

it's another great day. steph and i took a walk to the nature trail today - this was the first time i had been out there since arriving back to st stephen in june! i'm such a procrastinator! it was an excellent and relaxing time of walking and sharing what's been on our minds. a great walk, and a great time in nature. the was shining the entire time, in through the crack between all the trees. the ground was sprinkled with falled pine needles and changing leaves. we rested on a mossy needly bit and breathed deeply the air that was thick with woods, cool air, and steeped with the smell of sunny leaves. it was great. i arrived back and took a long nap. a good finisher to a nice afternoon.

this little chipmunk was very interested in us, but we were afraid we were giving him a heart attack!

the trail.

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Roger Owen Flyer said...

Today's our anniversary. Hope the baby comes today!!!
Dad Roger