Thursday, October 19, 2006

absorbing time

i've tried numerous times to post a new entry on this blog, but i've been distracted after only beginning! i'll try to see this one through. ry and owen are sleeping at the moment; actually, i'm not sure owen is asleep because he's making quite a few grunts and squeaks for a boy who's sleeping. but he's content, no less.

owen has been super quiet and growing more attentive. it's fun to watch his eyes explore the room he's in, and the faces nearby. he's having more wakeful periods in the day now, yesterday he was awake for 2 hours! incredible. he wasn't fussy at all, only near the end of the time when he was getting hungry. we took care of that problem and then he slept for a good nap.

i'm beginning to feel like i'm a little more on track with keeping up with life again. i'm growing accustomed to short stints of sleep, though i need to take more naps. but since I haven't been napping in the day, our house is getting slightly more organized again. we had everything in place pre-baby, but owen brought in lots of gifts and accessories - all of which have needed a place within our home rather than cluttering up rooms.

ry has been so great with making the transition of no baby to baby. i couldn't imagine having any other responsibility, at this point, other than owen, while ry is a full-time student and new father. he's been great at studying whenever he can, and helping with owen all at the same time. he's quite tired and worn out; i'm praying we both stay healthy and don't catch something while our bodies are vulnerable.

owen is such a sweet boy; i'm looking forward to spending my days with him, watching him grow, and forming a family together.


Kira said...

I'm glad you're posting again! I've been checking this WAY too often, waiting for more news and details about sweet Owen.

Roger Owen Flyer said...

Thanks Marci.

Roger Owen Flyer said...

Anything new?